The Seminar Room

In-class instruction takes place either at the Greek Studies on Site Seminar Room, in Vironas, or at the Norwegian Institute at Athens, in the heart of the city of Athens.


The Norwegian Institute for classical studies, archaeology, and cultural history is a research institution dedicated to the dissemination of the cultural heritage of Ancient Greece.


Greek Studies on Site Guesthouse

Samsountos 4, Vironas
Athens, Greece

Accommodation for accepted students is provided as part of the program fee at the Greek Studies on Site Guesthouse. The Guesthouse is located in Vironas, a residential area east of the center of Athens. Transportation to and from downtown is provided daily by private bus (one trip per day, following the class schedule).

The Guesthouse accommodates 11. It consists of two large dorms with bunk beds, two showers and four bathrooms, a group kitchen, spacious lounge, laundry room, and roof terrace.

*Students with less experience traveling abroad are strongly encouraged to choose this option.

Off-Grounds Accommodation

Students wishing to make their own arrangements regarding accommodation will be assisted in finding appropriate lodging in the center of Athens. We are also happy to put accepted students in touch with one another so they can make arrangements to share rooms or apartments downtown.

Guesthouse Experiences

Kendyl Hill
Trent University, Greek Studies on Site 2018

I was one of the first to arrive at the Guesthouse in Vironas. It was well lit, spacious and clean. I was nervous about being so close in proximity to all the other girls but as soon as everyone arrived, we soon became good friends. It was so nice always having someone to do something with. Whether it was getting groceries or going shopping, someone was always willing to go.

If you are worried about bathroom sharing, don’t be. Once everyone got in the groove and a schedule, there was absolutely no issue with sharing the facilities. Being away from the more touristy areas of Athens was very beneficial in understanding the city and its history. It also helped my Modern Greek as English isn’t as common there. Living right with the program director was an amazing experience. She was so accommodating and was very willing to help us with anything we needed. She also provided a unique benefit when we wanted to order food or help with taxis, and stopped at nothing to ensure we were having the best experiences.

The bus rides to class were so enjoyable since the drivers also helped to heighten our experience of Athens by showing us places we may not have gone before. Even though some students stayed closer to the Institute, they still became close with us staying in Vironas, and we became a close group of friends. All in all, this experience in Vironas was so valuable for all of us, that months after the trip we all still talk and share stories.

Esha Clements
Agnes Scott College, Greek Studies on Site 2018

My time with Greek Studies on Site was truly one of the best times of my life. While I believe your experience will depend on the group you come with--I had a fantastic group. Georgia, the program director, opened her guest house to us. She was a very helpful and accommodating host. She knows the area like the back of her hand and will help you navigate it until you're a pro. The area of Vironas allows you the opportunity to explore Greece in a safe and friendly neighborhood (with an amazing weekly farmers market). It gave me the chance to enjoy the “non tourist” area of Athens, which I truly enjoyed since the program lets you spend plenty of time in Athens proper.

Beyond the accommodations, the sites and organization of the program was very nice. The program allows you to see a plethora of history around Athens, and all members of the program were helpful in allowing rest when needed. I loved my trip to Athens and the people I found there even more, though my love for Greek coffee shops rivals all. It is definitely an experience I recommend to all.