Program Overview

Greek Studies on Site is a center for the study of Classical literature, philosophy, and culture. It offers 2- and 3-week intensive summer programs as well as shorter winter programs. 


All programs are open to students of Classics, Philosophy, History, and related disciplines, as well as adult learners with an interest in Ancient Greek culture. Summer programs meet for 3 hours of instruction, 6 days a week. Winter programs meet daily for 6 hours of instruction. 


Courses are taught by Ph.D.s in Classics and Philosophy. Field study includes visits to all the major archaeological sites and museums, as well as day-trips to Sounion, Mycenae, Delphi, or the island of Aegina. There are also optional activities, such as traditional dance classes and local hikes. 

Summer Programs

Ancient Greek Mythology

June 28-July 18, 2021


Read some of the most important mythological narratives while immersed in their material and social context.


This class surveys the central stories, gods, and heroes of Greek myth. We will study a variety of ancient literary and mythographical sources and interpret them in their cultural context. Many of the readings relate directly to the sites that we will visit. 


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Ancient Greek Philosophy
in Context

June 28-July 18, 2021

Walk in the footsteps of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoics! 

This course introduces students to the foundational texts of Western philosophy and to the socio-political contexts in which they were written. Through visits to archeological sites and museums, students will have the rare opportunity to take a contextual approach to the study of philosophy.


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Illinois-in-Athens Program

Athens Ancient and Modern
Spring 2021

This online seminar is only open to students of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Through virtual visits to archaeological sites and museums, we will study Greek art and architecture against the historical and socio-political background in which they developed.

At the same time, we will familiarize ourselves with the modern city of Athens, focusing on the way in which modern art and architecture engages with the city's ancient past.


Custom Seminars

Custom Seminars

Are you a teacher interested in bringing your students to Greece? Are you a group of students interested in the Classical world? Greek Studies on Site offers custom seminars for groups of travelers, which may be organized year-round.

In the past, we have designed courses on Homer, Greek Drama, Athenian Democracy, Symposia, and Animals in Antiquity.


Contact us to design a seminar that meets your needs.